reprocessing 8

Archival inkjet print

20″ x 13″


“Every technology has an interface, … a place where you end and the technology begins. And when the technology’s job is to show you the world, it ends up sitting between you and reality.” -Eli Pariser, The Filter Bubble


I picked up a copy of Eli Pariser’s The Filter Bubble: How the New Personalized Web is Changing What We Read and How We Think and so far cannot put it down. Not only does Eli illustrate the enormous amount of data being generated each day, but he describes how it is changing the digital culture and ourselves.


I have been thinking about how we aggregate data from visual experiences, especially in my reprocess series, and in some ways, our visual experiences go through similar filter bubbles as Google and Facebook’s search algorithms. As I continue experimenting with distilling visual data and defining this series and recent work, I have made a recent revision to my artist statement:


Inspired by the accelerating role of technology in our lives, my work explores the intersection of art and technology. Technology is a vehicle that allows me to meticulously investigate, observe, and record the natural world. As scientific breakthroughs embed smart devices into our lives, the risk of being permanently “connected” is a stark reality. Through mixed and digital media, my work investigates how technology distorts and redefines our connection and perspective of the world.


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