The shortest path

By May 21, 2013Digital, Generative Art



New work experimenting with distance and shortest path. These works exist only as digital files, but I would love to have a bunch of these printed with archival pigment and papers. The data is loosely based on user and system processes–rounded at 30 and 50, respectively. I have been collecting system and application usage for about a week and thinking of ways to extrapolate and visualize the data as generative art using Processing. Definitely more to come from these data sets.

I have also been busy working with #happy is…, which will soon be posted as a live animation online (currently only stills). There is a ton of Instagram data, roughly 29 million #happy photos to pull from. This project takes a sample of public Instagram photos tagged with #happy every 15 minutes. Though I would like to have 29 million photos for color data, that processing power is out of reach. For now, the samples are looking great and I am excited to soon share!

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