GPS tracking software, processing, digital image

8″ x 8″


January 28th marked the sixth annual Data Privacy Day. As an extension of the Data Protection Day celebration in Europe, the United States set aside this day (and the month of January) to remind us that our digital footprint is vast and privacy and security controls should be protected. From StaySafeOnline,


In our online world, data is free flowing.  All of us – from home computer users to the largest corporations – need to be aware of the personal and private data others have entrusted to us and remain vigilant and proactive about protecting it.


To that end, this work uses GPS tracking software to visualize travel patterns. There is a huge amount of data that we generate on a daily basis–some generated by us in status updates, check-ins, and others that are generated without our knowledge. The new works that I will be posting over the next few weeks will explore the types of data that we are transmitting and the digital footprints we sometimes do not see.

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