Website spotlight: Sadia Seymour

By April 23, 2012Web

Sadia Seymour

Tumblr. Blogger. WordPress. Joomla. Drupal. There are a lot of blogging and content management system (CMS) platforms out there right now with varying degrees of flexibility and¬†usability. I have been focusing attention on WordPress within the past couple of months, which this is blog is built on, as a CMS. Converting the blogging platform to a CMS may sound more intimidating than it really is, but many of the functions are the same. was also built on WordPress. A few months ago I had created a website for Sadia’s fashion styling business, but without HTML and CSS knowledge, it was difficult to update. So after a website redesign, streamlining the aesthetic and navigation, the new website can now be updated easily through WordPress — a common and frequently used blogging platform.

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