10″ x 14″

Ink on paper


Here are three small compositions of patterns found in nature. The patterns can be seen from normal eye-sight to a macro level. I approach these small paintings from an investigative , almost scientific, perspective, so I choose a circular structure not unlike what you might see through a microscope lens. It’s funny I almost never worked in black and white, but I think the black ink give a graphical element that accentuates the patterns.  It’s something I want to continue exploring, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I also began painting in color.


A few years ago my work was very different — abstract portraits and figures in acrylic/oil. The work developed when I began introducing natural elements like plant growth and decay, which became more abstracted in the process. As I continue my daily painting challenge — to get back into the practice of painting and post a new work on my blog each day — I’ll include some previous works that relate to the art I am making now. Looking forward to new ideas, new work.

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